Our reputation for quality custom homes on budget, on time completion throughout Cape Cod is not an accident.

Our design and planning specialists will take in consideration your needs, budget limitations and requests for your new home before designing your custom home.

Ones we capture your idea and we finish the design of your very own custom house, we start working on permitting process.

Permitting of new homes can be quite difficult as there’s many regulations,different town zoning regulations,wetlands,conservation requirements and limitations, historical approvals, septic design requirements, set backs and much more, however the above process is our responsibility and you don’t need to worry about any of that.

Our collaboration with the best local land surveyors, real estate Lawyers, Zoning Attorneys, wetland specialists, scientists and engineers guarantees successful permit issuance for your new home.

After permit is issued we begin the ordering of special order materials and schedule your project start and finish dates accordingly.

Our building software allows you to log in and see schedule, progress, pictures, project costs and much more.

Construction: There are a series of stages in the construction of a new home. Some of the major stages are excavation,foundation, framing, sidewalling, roofing, rough electric, rough plumbing, heating and cooling,insulation, sheet rocking/plastering , trimming, flooring, painting, and finish work.

Building a custom home is a very existing process,as long as you have the right builder, the process is very smooth, no stress or surprises along the way.

Our guarantee for you is quality home, on budget,on time as promised, no surprises along the way or at completion.